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In 2013 SAF Office was founded in New Jersey, U.S.A.

What we do is not only Office Furniture, Home Furniture and customized furniture field we have been doing, but Global Sourcing as well as Customer Service we also spread to worldwide. We strive toward a Win-Win perpetual business and create a superior value to our customers. 


The inclination towards teamwork is the competitive advantage that allows SAF international U.S.A. to satisfy customers’ request and to exceed the offer of more and more qualified competitors.


We are dedicated to getting you the furniture you want for the price that is right for your budget.


Our goal is to provide a high quality product and an attractive design that allows our customers not only the best efficiency, but also the expression of their own personality with tailor made customization.


The high level of quality of SAF's products born from carefully crafted workmanship.

Welcome to SAF web pages. We sincerely invite you to browse the pages that would guide you to know who we are and what we do. 










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